Aging in Place and Barrier Free Designs and Modifications

The “Barrier Free” keyword indicates that the space is useful by anyone who has limitations in physical movement. Much of the time, the space is designed specifically for someone’s particular needs. This usually involves the bathing area, bedroom, living area and food preparation.

For over 30 years, we have constructed new and remodeled existing homes to allow for independence or easier use by caregivers to utilize the dwelling. Every project having particular needs and different requirements is constructed for the person in need. We work with the caregivers, owners, and any medical staff to ensure satisfaction and points of concern regarding long term use.

Aging in place is all about preparing for the years ahead. With a physical problem that will only get worse with age or to just make life easier for now, good planning during remodeling can include these areas of concern and methods and ways to maximize use of the existing kitchen, bedroom, or bath.