Bathroom Remodeling and Expansions

The comfort of a bathroom should exceed the basics of just a reliable toilet and sink. As baths are an important factor in resale, the functionality and attractiveness that lead to comfort play a large role in your home’s value. The average 30 year old home has dark, confined areas used for one or more of the bathrooms. Many times without windows and somewhat claustrophobic, they don’t have much appeal and in terms of resale and it doesn’t add much to the charm of the home.

When you open or remove walls to create space and efficiency, it goes a long way. Adding windows or day lighting with a solar tube also adds to the openness and comfort of a normally drab interior. A brighter bath is cheery and refreshing to enter. This is a positive in terms of value and resale.

As in kitchens, bathrooms generally pay for themselves in resale. With this in mind, the smart changes and upgrades in a bathroom remodel are invaluable for both resale and personal comfort.

The most practical advantage is to have a fully appointed master bath with a tub, shower, double lavatory and vanity, toilet and linen storage. We excel at putting preferences and practical options together for the best results.

Tiles and Styles

Whether a retro 50’s look or contemporary, good tile work can say it all. Porcelain, stone, ceramic, glass, marble and granite can have dramatic design effects when used together. Base colors and accents can be used in the tile patterns and add completeness. Tile patterns can start in the shower or tub surround and move around the room pulling areas together.

The vanity area accommodates the lavatory sinks. This can range from modern to traditional with the use of vanity cabinetry or stand alone pedestal or wall mounted sink applications. Once again, the tile can be used to extend consistency and uniformity.

Lighting and Openness

Having space to create a doorless shower is nice, however it’s not available in most houses without the removal of a tub or closet. Using the same fixture footprint we can change the surfaces to update and beautify the same bathroom and maximize efficiency.

The use of frameless shower glass doors and surrounds is becoming more and more popular as the clean lines are attractive and inviting. Block windows can employ maximum daylighting while not compromising on privacy. On an internal powder room or bath without window options, getting natural lighting via a solar tube will make a dramatic difference in the appeal of a home when remodeling for yourself or for resale.