Kitchen Design and Remodeling

If you think about the most common gathering spot for family and friends, it would be the kitchen.  Comfort, functionality, and use efficiency can all be gotten with proper planning and attention to details.

One of our specialties is remodeling everyday kitchens into well designed and thought out areas of cooking and relaxing with family.  You can choose from many styles of solid wood cabinetry, solid surface countertops, and decorative backsplashes.  We make it easy by helping you navigate through the wide selection of options to create a kitchen of your dreams!

  • We can oversee and provide any and every job task necessary to remodel or rebuild your kitchen area.  Much of the time, if not most of the time, a remodel consists of updates and upgrades of plumbing, gas, and electrical service.  Lone Star will provide all required engineering, plans, and permits to get the job done right.
  • Many times existing kitchens can be expanded by opening walls to other rooms.  We will provide the planning and implementation in getting this done as well as any and all electric, plumbing and HVAC coordination.  We will do it all to suit your budget and design preferences.  We use minimal subcontractors and most tasks provided are by our own in-house employees.  Your household security and privacy should never be compromised.  You will have the same team start the project and carry it to the finish.



  • Cabinetry is the basic building block for a well thought out kitchen.
  • We use solid wood to build our custom cabinetry.  This means no pressboard or laminated fiber boards are used in the construction of the cabinets themselves.  This allows for more resiliency against water damage and retards product failure at use and stress areas.  This also means that the finish is on the true wood and will not peel off in time.
  • We also offer custom built cabinetry from two national distributors as well as our own shop built.  Custom-built cabinets are available to suit any preference.  Any species of wood (maple, cherry, oak, mahogany, etc.) can be used to create the finish desired.  Cabinet style and finish are based on personal preferences, and all can be had for a kitchen of your dreams.
  • Hundreds of door and drawer styles are available in any finish imaginable.  This allows us to create the cabinetry system that works for your preferences in color, function, wood species, and style.
  • Top of the line hardware as well as new and innovative applications are always explored to allow your kitchen to be anything but “cookie-cutter” type.  All of our custom-built kitchen cabinets sport top of the line door and drawer hardware options such as “soft-close” and full extension drawer slides.  Whether you prefer European, contemporary, or traditional styling, all the options are available for the best thought out kitchen available that will satisfy you for years to come as well as enhance the value of your home.



Many different materials can be used for countertops, depending on design and application of use.  The most common being natural granite, Silestone, and Gibraltar (by Wilsonart).  We have created countertops of ceramic tile, granite tile, soapstone, stainless steel, marble, butcher block and oak flooring.  Thought needs to be taken as to the resiliency based on your needs.

  • Granite will allow your kitchen to be different than someone else’s as every slab can have its own characteristics and movement.  We will assist you in picking the color range desired and even help identify the slabs from which your countertops will be made.
  • Silestone is a quartz product that has many of the same attributes of granite.  As Silestone is man-made, the color consistency and match-ability is a strong point.  The resiliency is the same for all the color options.  Solid colors or variegated patterns can be found that will suit your tastes and design criteria and go well with any cabinet color or style.
  • Gibraltar (by Wilsonart) is a seamless application.  This means no joints are visible throughout the countertop surface as in granite and Silestone.  When a solid surface sink is married to the countertop, there are no distinguishable mate lines between the two different colors.  Gibraltar Solid Surface offer economy and beauty with a plethora of standard and custom colors. 
  • All of these countertop options can offer undermount sink applications.
  • Solid wood, butcher block, antique flooring, soapstone, slate, and stainless steel options are available for those who want something different.



The most common backsplash material is tile.  With porcelain, ceramic, glass tile, and natural stone, the combinations are endless.  Horizontal patterns and accents are placed to maximize the effect desired.

  • Granite and Silestone splash areas can be used as well, with or without tile.
  • We commonly add under cabinet lighting spaced for best use on the backsplash area.
  • Outlets and switches can be raised high out of sight for a clean, uncluttered appearance on the backsplash.
  • We can also mount the switches and outlets under the upper cabinets to be totally out of sight.